Rest(less) Gesture

A response to the work of Rhona Sword.

I picture this elbow at a sort of right angle.
Maybe more of a kind of 45-degree bend, actually.
And it’s like a
what are they called? Those compass retractor things and you put it in the
centre of the page
and you have a pin in either side and the thing moves
and you move it
and you move it
and with every move is a thought about something
that moves for Richard Serra
that moves for this person for this person
it’s not quite a robot but it also is

It’s routine
It’s labour
It’s thinking
It’s heavily loaded
It’s movement movement a
fast but
comfortable but also really un–

at once autonomous and autotelic
an automatic
attempt at autophagy
but still.

And thinking;
a gesture,
a mark,
a beginning and ending and continuing and beginning again and ending again and never really ending and

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